Greystones Ukraine Van Aid

Joe and his two pals Phil and Richie are heading off to Rzeszow, Poland on Wednesday where they will be doing daily visits to a Ukrainian refugee camp on the Polish border.

During their time there, they will be running daily trips to and from the board supplying these refugee camps with much needed medical supplies, food and essential items.

After paying for their own flights, accommodation and food for the duration of their stay, they are hoping to raise some funds to help fill their van with essentials they will be supplying for the camps.

If you are interested in helping out, you can donate by Revolut, 0879147724 for Richie, 0877772873 for Phil or 0863809508 for Joey.

If you don’t have Revolut and looking for other options to help donate, give Richie an email on [email protected]

Check out their Facebook group set up for the cause, like and share with your friends !!! ...

You can also see a full interview with the lads and Paul from the Greystones Guide here ..

Greystones Ukraine Van Aid

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